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  • Art Gouda

    In mei 2016 heb ik samen met 45 andere geselecteerde kunstenaars in het voormalige Weeshuis in Gouda gewerkt aan het kunstproject Art Gouda. Iedereen kreeg een deel van het voormalige weeshuis om een maand in te werken. De eerste week van juni was het weeshuis open voor publiek en waren alle werkplekken omgevormd tot expositie.…

  • What is a drawing?

    I have this question ever since I have a website in which I show my work. When do I catagorise a work as a drawing and when is it a painting? An easy answer would be, if you have painted it, it’s a painting. But there’s more to it. I paint in my drawings. What…

  • HIWTA painting and drawings, Hilversum.

    Study WC, ink on paper, 52x36cm. WC Hilversum, oil on linnen, 100×80 cm, SOLD. Speeldoos, Acrylic and ink on paper, 36×52 cm.
  • HIWTA Paintings, Bussum.

    In Bussum I painted on glass and made a panorama in 12 pieces.

  • Sexy Girls

    I said I wouldn’t paint any sexy girls anymore, but…. As you can see I find it hard to control these things. I love it!!!

  • Birds from Paramaribo

    The studio I worked is was large enough to house all the church benches from the church that was being renovated. Because the benches were not nicely organised but thrown on a pile, all of the musicpaper that had been in them for years, fell out. On the floor, for the workmen to step on.…