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  • Wienzebek short

    Wienzebek I was practicing my portrait skills by using all my followers on Twitter as models. I painted their ava (only when it is really their face) and everyone could guess who’s face (wienzebek) I painted. It was great fun, I got a lot of practice, had an audience and lot’s of beautiful models. I…

  • VT-Wonen ’12

    #Wienzebek in a glossy interiour design Magazine! (Eén pagina in VT-Wonen)  

  • Amsterdam Museum

    On May 13th, the Amsterdam Museum organized a portrait event with my work. I painted the faces of everyone who wanted his or her portrait done. Wienzebek stylee. Here are the results.  

  • Wienzebek article in NRC

  • Wienzebek article in Parool

  • #Wienzebek in de Media

    So when I was playing an game with my followers and practicing my portrait skills with theri ava’s, everyone got all excited about it. Instead of being sued for using peoples picture without asking, I was being interviewed, filmed, asked to come to a tv show to talk about #wienzebek. Strange things happen when you…