#Wienzebek in de Media

So when I was playing an game with my followers and practicing my portrait skills with theri ava’s, everyone got all excited about it. Instead of being sued for using peoples picture without asking, I was being interviewed, filmed, asked to come to a tv show to talk about #wienzebek. Strange things happen when you are having fun. The downside of all this is, that now that everybody knows what I do and everyone wants to be chosen to be portrayed, I have too many followers which makes the whole game almost impossible.

These are some of the reviews: Gooische Tam Tam, Bright, Eamel, Adformatie, JP Ekker

I am very proud of this enormous interview in MISTER MOTLEY, an art magazine that I used to read a lot while I was at the art academy.

And I got three large reviews in the national papers NRC Handelsblad, NRC-Next and Het Parool.