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  • Interview met businesscoach Marieke

  • Streetart in New York 2012

    In 2012 I was in New York twice, first for three weeks, and later I came back for two months. I worked on three projects, one of them was a street art series: Not all street art is graffiti. Not all graffiti is street art.

  • ZDF documentaire streetart Sophie Walraven

    Interns from the German ZDF (tv station) made this documentary about my street art. https://vimeo.com/89609651    

  • Pictures ART RAW

    ART RAW On June 16 en 17 I had a two day guerilla exhibition with my good friend and colleage Carolien Wissing in the largest warehouse we could find. The Kromhouthallen in Amsterdam noord. We experimented with a new way of involving people. As a visitor, you did’nt just walk around and watch our works,…

  • ART RAW in the media

    Because we showed how it could be done, we got a lot of media attention. Many bloggers wrote about this, lots of tweets and shoutouts on FaceBook. But we allso got the attention of several printed newspapers and ART RAW was subject in different radioshows. The special thing was, while everybody is talking about crisis,…

  • Wienzebek short

    Wienzebek I was practicing my portrait skills by using all my followers on Twitter as models. I painted their ava (only when it is really their face) and everyone could guess who’s face (wienzebek) I painted. It was great fun, I got a lot of practice, had an audience and lot’s of beautiful models. I…