ART RAW in the media

Because we showed how it could be done, we got a lot of media attention. Many bloggers wrote about this, lots of tweets and shoutouts on FaceBook. But we allso got the attention of several printed newspapers and ART RAW was subject in different radioshows.

The special thing was, while everybody is talking about crisis, two girls did an enormous show, WITHOUT SPONSORS OR SUBSIDIES and gave away an experience to an audience that really participated in a way curators only dream about. We had over four hundred visitors who all had a good time. We found the perfect way to show our works, we worked our butts off and it payed off. I really believe that artists are the ones who are creative enough to make it happen, the last ones to be bothered by crisis and we are the ones who can show you the beauty of it all while others are letting their heads down.


Here are some of the reviews:
Het Parool, Het NRC, De Echo, Kunstbeeld, VT-Wonen, MediaMatic, Claire Reports, Cultilicious, I love Noord, MissYvy, Dichtbij, Anki Raemaekers, ArtFundum and lots more.

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