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  • Indonesia & Malaysia 2009-2010

    In the winter of 2009- 2010 I was in Indonesia and Malaysia for a couple of months. The first weeks I stayed with friends and painted in an extra room in their beautiful house. After two weeks I went to see the rest of Java. I took my canvas along, rolled up in a large…

  • Paintings Indonesia and Malaysia

    The paintings I made in Indonesia and Malaysia, I did inside out. So the lines you see, are the places I did NOT paint.

  • Schuim

    April 2009 I did my first mural. On the walls of Grand CafĂ© Schuim on the Spuistraat in Amsterdam.      

  • My cars

    My first Painted Car In 2008, I painted a large bird on my car. That was a pretty exciting experience. It felt almost like getting a tattoo. Not that I know what that would feel like, but that is anonther story. A lot of reactions came from the painting and many people found their way…